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Case Study 1 – Athletes Village (East Village)

Case Study 1

A New Neighbourhood for London

Sale of London 2012 Athletes Village

Company: Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), Lend Lease, Triathlon

Brief: Develop the place making, brand and communication strategy

The Athletes Village (now East Village) was part of a £1billion investment by the ODA to deliver a Games-time venue for 17,000 athletes and a lasting legacy for East London comprising 2800 homes, academy school, medical centre, shops and all that creates a complete new neighbourhood.

Our role was to advise the senior team and deliver a detailed place making strategy and implementation plans based on two scenarios – either sell entire ‘village’ to preferred bidder or deliver a full sales and marketing campaign to sell the private market homes. This work led to us becoming involved in a series of implementation projects pre, during and post- Games.

In 2011 ODA was successful securing a private buyer for the village.



-Strategic marketing advice to the senior stakeholders on marketing, branding and place making issues

-Place making strategy and plans

-Brand development

-Campaigns and budgets for pre, during and post-Games activity

-Detailed briefs and involvement in the appointment of specialist agencies

-Programme and project plans for inter-agency implementation

-Communication plan, story and key messages

-Place making and brand workshops for project team

-Strategic advice on fixed and mobile marketing suite strategy

-Specification and co-ordination of digital assets for launch

-Advice and direction on thought leadership

-Full suite of marketing strategies and supporting documents placed in ‘data room’ for bidder review

-Detailed briefings to short-listed bidders interested in buying the Athletes Village.

-Retained by successful bidders to provide on-going strategic marketing advice and campaign planning



In 2011 ODA successfully negotiated the sale of the Athletes’ Village to a joint venture between Delancey and Qatari Diar(QDD). A figure of £557 million was agreed.


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